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Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 14

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It has been a great day today.  Even work could not diminish the feeling of lightness.  I am not sure why the lightness, and will accept it for the moments it has given me not fearing what will happen next.

Me:  Dad, for some reason all day I felt like you and I were dancing together.  I was your little girl and you my dad and it wasn’t about hurting me or hurting you.  It was just dad and daughter together dancing.

Dad:  I know.  How did you feel?

Me:  I cried.  It is what I want, you know to be close to you without pain and trauma.  I know we can’t undo the past and that will always be with us.  I am not denying the experience.  I remembered dancing with you as a small girl and it has stayed all day.  I felt good.  I wish you were…

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Healing from Sexual Abuse – A Transformational Journey – Part 12

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A good night sleep last night and a long nap this afternoon.  I think I can go on with the process some more.  Had a dream that all my identifying cards were gone and I couldn’t find them to identify who I am.  I interpret that to mean that how I have defined myself is changing and right now there isn’t an identity so to speak or I am creating a new identity.

Me:  Spirit Dad, as I was dozing off to sleep I had a thought about surrender.  When you used to beat me, I would have to surrender to you to stop the beatings.  It was all a power trip with you.  The only choice I had was either surrender to stop hurting or to not surrender and to keep the beating going.  As a child I surrendered, but not all of me surrendered.  I fought back in…

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