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Guardiola Payola

Mr Guardiola seems to be saying

“I don’ like Joe Hart, so I pay £90 000 a week so he can play for someone else – but I like Claudio Bravo, so I pay £15m for him to come to Manchester and £150 000 a week, even if everybody think he not as good as Joe Hart and should have been sent off for attackling Wayne Rooney – and Yaya Toure, he no play for City until his agent say sorry for telling his opinion in public – oh yes, I have to pay him £120 000 a week as well until I sell him in January for free, but he not play and I think that he will not like that.

So now you know, my opinion cost about £250 000 a week and £15m upfront extra to last season’s manager.

So about 20 000 spectators per game pay for that opinion.  They keep coming, so I must be right! ”

Crabfoot supports Burnley FC, a club that is not daft with money. If Mr Guardiola keeps this up over the season, the amount he is paying people not to play would cover Burnley’s entire wage bill!