Guardiola Payola

Mr Guardiola seems to be saying

“I don’ like Joe Hart, so I pay £90 000 a week so he can play for someone else – but I like Claudio Bravo, so I pay £15m for him to come to Manchester and £150 000 a week, even if everybody think he not as good as Joe Hart and should have been sent off for attackling Wayne Rooney – and Yaya Toure, he no play for City until his agent say sorry for telling his opinion in public – oh yes, I have to pay him £120 000 a week as well until I sell him in January for free, but he not play and I think that he will not like that.

So now you know, my opinion cost about £250 000 a week and £15m upfront extra to last season’s manager.

So about 20 000 spectators per game pay for that opinion.  They keep coming, so I must be right! ”

Crabfoot supports Burnley FC, a club that is not daft with money. If Mr Guardiola keeps this up over the season, the amount he is paying people not to play would cover Burnley’s entire wage bill!


Why I Am Not A Millionaire

Very simple. I missed the site-building opportunities that were available to me from 2006 onwards to around 2010, when it was simple to make money online. But the reasons I missed those chances are more complex.

People around me, metaphorically speaking, were making money  from very simple websites. Application of the concepts was not complicated – put up a website and the advertising should make money for you.  Unfortunately  I was late to join every method, niche, and technique that I came across, and I have since discovered that most people did not actually realise why they were making money – they just built more pages on the sites they had and  became big enough to avoid the sandbox, as death by  Google came to be known.

There never was a sandbox. That was just a description used by people who were trying to describe a phenomenon they didn’t understand. Truth is that Google would give a new site an artificially enhanced advantage in their results for about twelve weeks after it was first detected by their spiders. If the site had not improved (hugely) after that time, it was assigned with its original Google rating to a place in the search results which guaranteed that it would not produce a significant revenue.  But the reason that this situation arose had something to do with the court case I mentioned previously –

Whatever passed between Google and the Judge led to Google giving some kind of concession for new sites. People latched on to the fact that they could get revenue from a new site, and that it would die after about 3 months if they did little work on the site.

In those days Google could be exploited because its algorithms could be manipulated by strategies involving links from sites that nobody could describe as useful.  Their subsequent “updates” to their assessment methodologies  were focused on eliminating the influence of “junk” links from those tacky sites.

Hey, but we are now ten years on from that brief boom period, and we are back to the situation we were in before that court case.  Google is favouring big sites with a lot of “content”, and the basic assessment of that content does not appear to have changed over the ten years. But now it is much harder to get into the search listings than it was then.

I used to joke about a statement in Google’s guidelines which says effectively that the TEXT on a website should accurately describe the CONTENT – as if the text matters less because the spiders cannot read. I stopped joking about that when Google junked the few sites I had which might have been worthwhile.

Let us say you have information on some niche, which happens to be better than anything on the web. You put that on a site, text without pictures, and the spiders will not recommend it. Put a picture on each page and they might notice something. Two pictures per page is better – but not so you’d notice. Put a video presentation on each page, where a voice reads the text on the page over a list of bullet points, and you will start to get the interest of the spiders.

It really really really riles me that everything has to have the whistles and bells to make the spiders notice, when the text itself should suffice to help and instruct people. Not long ago I read a blog post about selling web sites, and it was obvious that someone had decreed that every post needed a picture.  Why was most of the space “above the fold” occupied by the rear view of a motorway control sign gantry? Ask the blogger – ask her boss – ask Google. You will not get a rational answer from any of those …





The Right To Be Forgotten

A while back some judge decided that people could ask the search engines to de-index certain references to themselves as no longer relevant in the modern age. As I see things, the search engines are using that decision to their own advantage.


Forgive me for being vague about the details – I can’t get results to show up in searches, and I will tell you why I think that is. The search engines want some information to be forgotten. If my memory is right, this regards a court case in NC around 2006-2007.


About ten years ago a group of website owners brought a group action against Google, because they believed that Google was favoring larger, well established sites over new sites with better content. The judge decided they were right, and found their case proven.

I don’t know what passed between the judge and Google after the decision. I do know that for a couple of years after that it was possible to get an Adsense account very easily, then run ads on a five page site for a while and make money from Adsense.


Ten years ago it was possible to deceive the search engines in many ways, and there were a lot of sites with autofeeds and spun content which were also making money.  Those sites needed eliminating – but Google went in with their “updates” and eliminated a lot more. In these post-Panda days you can’t start small and get big, because small sites get placed so far down the search pages you have to pump air to them.

The current situation is more annoying for small site owners than it was ten years ago, because, although the abilities of the spiders have been improved, the spiders still can’t read. You can be giving the best and most informative info on the web from your site, but if it doesn’t come with two irrelevant pictures and a video on each page, the spiders will ignore it. The spiders cannot rate the REAL INFORMATION if it comes as text.

The search engines are back to favoring large sites again. There is a legal precedent against this, but you can’t find it through a normal websearch, because it is not in the interests of any of the big search engines to show it.  The search companies want it to be forgotten – and it is as if it never happened.

Brexit Breaks It!

Some of the UK people have voted for the UK to leave the EU.  Personally, I decided that the entire affair was too complex to assess and waited for convincing guidance that would direct my vote.  All I came across was tired and trite rhetoric. I have not voted and the polls  have closed.

Seventy two percent of those eligible to vote actually voted.  52% of the 72% voted to leave the EU.  So the actual percentage of UK voters who expressed a desire to leave the EU was 52/100 x 72 = 37.4% , which is hardly what I would call a convincing majority.  But the UK is now committed to leave the EU.

No wonder the Scottish , Welsh and Northern Irish assemblies are up in arms about the decision – the referendum bypassed them. And while many large companies and government organisations have made contingency plans, there is no overall plan regarding what the country must do next, although Mr Cameron has his minions trying to lash one together with glue, string and paper.

Brexit is a mess that the UK could do without. Those proposing that the UK should leave the EU focused on immigration issues, and got a lot of votes from aged nimbys who do not like foreigners.


Why do so many people want to come and live in the UK? No politician wants to discuss this as an issue, because it is insulting to the way that other politicians run their countries.  There are several factors contributing to this, one of which is that English is the world’s favourite second language.   Apart from that, a big attraction is that the UK enforces its laws regarding racial and religious prejudices, by and large.  Frankly, I think the UK has gone too far on this front, but if I were black I wouldn’t like to live in France or Spain, as examples. In those countries people get away with what the authorities refer to as “naughtiness” and “naughty name calling”, which in the UK would result in arrests and court appearances. Also, the UK finds decent places for people to live in when they come to the country, with facilities such as plumbing, potable water, and electricity. Very nice when you are unaccustomed to such luxury!


Whatever. My life is already a mess, in a country that has been is a mess for years and is becoming an even bigger mess.  Nobody expected that the country would vote to leave the EU, and the reaction is turmoil.





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1/ New Signups who started to be active on the ‘Social Market’ and will turn for their first time!

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Today I’m a little bit late because of…

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